Want to earn some extra cash on top of your day job? A side hustle could be for you.

The great thing about a side gig is that it doesn’t always require a massive upfront investment or specialised skills. The only question – Where do you start?

We’ve compiled a list of 15 easy side hustles, so you can get out there and make some extra dosh.

Side Hustle Ideas

 1) Driving. If you have a car and commute to or from work, you are in a prime position to start making extra cash. You can work before or after your regular job, on weekends and even during your commute to work! Use your vehicle to transport people to the club, medical appointments or to get groceries in your spare time. Hit up sites like Uber to start earning while you drive today.

 2) Delivery services. Make extra money by delivering takeaway food to your local community today. Companies such as Uber Eats will pay you to run errands and deliver food, groceries and similar to people. You can work on your own hours, on weekends and during times that suit you. Extra cash for that holiday anyone?

 3) Freelancing/gig economy. Perhaps you work in a specialised field or have high-level skills in a specific area. You can be certain someone, somewhere is willing to pay you for those skills. For instance, you can do some freelance writing outside your regular journalism job or cash in on your video skills using your drone. Hit up sites like Fiverr to start earning extra today.

 4) Photography/artwork sales. There are a myriad of ways you can monetise that passion you have for photography or art. Set up an eBay account to sell online or pop down to your local shops to see if they will hang your paintings for free and help sell them for you. There are tons of online courses to help you get started.

 5) Rent out your car. Instead of driving people around, would you rather they do all the work for you? Utilise your car while it is at work or even overnight when you do not need it. Sites such as Car Next Door offer you the ability to monetise one of the most expensive purchases you will make. If you have a spare car sitting in the garage, then this idea is even better for you as you can offset the cost of insurance, registration and running repairs.

 6) Airbnb. Moving on from the car, this next idea makes use of THE most expensive asset you will ever purchase in your life – I’m talking about your house. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have someone else pay your mortgage while you still live in your home? Well, now you can. The next time you go on holidays or away for a few days, you can have vetted people stay in your house and keep the money flowing in. Find out how Airbnb hosting works.

 7) eBay. While we know eBay is not as much of a gold mine as it used to be in terms of making some extra cash on the side, it can still provide you with a decent income if you do a little research around what products are selling quickly and who the target audience might be. Alternatively, if you are looking to declutter around the house, then this is a good way to make some extra dollars.

 8) Amazon. Similar to eBay, Amazon is a great way to make some quick and easy cash. However, with Amazon’s FBA program, you do not need to hold any products in a physical form. With this service, Amazon will stock, pack, ship and service your customer orders for you. How good is that? Amazon also allows you to redirect customers from your own website to enable multiple income streams running 24/7 – check out our guide.

 9) Etsy. If you wish to make, sell or distribute products that are unique, antique or just vintage, then Etsy is the platform for you. Etsy takes niche selling to the global audience and allows millions of independent artists to sell their products with minimal costs. So, if you are thinking of selling your artwork, handmade clothes or restored vintage goods, then take a look at Etsy.

 10) Tutoring. There are millions of people around the world who want to increase their skills in many foundational areas such as language, maths, science and even into more complex topics such as business management and medicine. If you hold strong knowledge or, even better, an education background, then you can use this as a side hustle with very minimal outlay.

 11) Teach people to cook at home. Been told that you make a killer lamb roast or tofu smash? You can earn money from the comfort of your kitchen and make recipes of your choosing, so you can eat them or give them to the kids afterwards. If cooking is your passion, then check out to ClassBento.

 12) Food prep and meal delivery. This flows on from the previous side hustle. After you have run your cooking class, you can deliver and sell the food you cooked to your local neighbourhood! Many people want to eat good, healthy food but simply do not have the time to make the necessary preparations. You can prep and deliver meals for a cost to people on specific diets, people with food intolerances or body builders.

 13) Publish on Kindle. Kindle allows you to access an audience of millions with minimal outlay, so if you are an aspiring author, regardless of whether you write nonfiction, fiction, poetry or something else, you should be on Kindle. You can also link your publishing with the Amazon account you have already created and multiply your income stream.

 14) Dropshipping. Dropshipping is blowing up around the world as a great way to earn a passive income on the side. The concept of dropshipping is that you advertise a product online and then redirect the purchaser to the supplier’s store for delivery arrangements. You advertise the product but have none of the shipping or warranty issues – head to Shopify to learn more.

 15) Pet sitting. Love animals and just can’t get enough of them in your life? Pet sitting is the avenue for you to turn this love into dollars. You can choose when, what type and for how long you look after people’s pets. Going through a platform like Mad Paws can help you find jobs in Australia.

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